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March 11 – Izzy reports that law enforcement raid finds a still in an attic and a gallon of liquor in the kitchen. Bud reports a team of mules caused a trip to the hospital for C.O. Nelson.

March 3 – Bud and Izzy talk Three Dog Night and KISS concerts.

February 25 – Bud and Izzy say goodbye to Izzy’s nephew C.D. Slicker. Along with their goodbyes they talk about the plummeting oil prices which drop local gas prices under $1. Also they report on a 1936 heist of a local drug store in which the perps stole a $19.

February 18 – Bud and Izzy have decided to come inside from the “un-February” like weather, to report on the news of old. Things like a crazy sale that had customers lining up in much anticipation and the need of city pest house.

February 11 – Bud and Izzy talk about their Valentine’s Day plans and talk about the old weather.

February 4 – After many hours of shoveling snow, the boys finally made it into the studio for this weeks update. Izzy looks back on the 1961 St. John’s Military Drill Team that was featured on the Ed Sullivan Show, while Bud reports on a native German whose tour stops in Salina, and who educates people on the terrible Adolf Hitler.

January 28 – Bud reports on Gypsum youths that plead guilty to flattening the tires of the city marshal, in 1961. Izzy talks about the re-institution of a $2 bounty on coyotes, and a local four-legged hero that was the last hope of heart weakened master.

January 21 – Bud and izzy report what might be the main attraction at the Tri-Rivers Fair, a farmer’s cow finally comes down out of the hay loft and $1.04 gas wars.

January 14 – Izzy reports on non-traditional warm weather in 1986, and a police raid due to counterfeit money in 1936. Bud looks back on a weird case of the hiccups which ultimately took a man’s life.

January 7 – Izzy and Bud start out rocking the new year.

December 31 – As Izzy and Bud go on holiday break, they wanted to do something special for their loyal fans. They both hope you enjoy a compilation of their best stuff from now ALL the way back to the very beginning. Happy New Year everyone!

December 24 – Bud, Izzy and the entire Yesternews crew wish you and yours a merry Christmas. The boys report on past Salina Christmases and New Years.

December 17 – Izzy looks back on a pre-Christmas shucking party and the early reports of the Natoma sanitarium in 1910. Bud touches base on the race of elderly gentlemen and the unfortunate accident of the city marshal.

December 10 – Izzy reports on a few lucky puppies that finally got homes in 1960, and lucky group of WPA workers who found a vein of coal. Bud goes back to 1935, and reads about a sneaky corn liquor brewer who turned his basement into a cellar.

November 19 – Bud and Izzy wish you a happy Thanksgiving! They dip into their traditions as well as spend time reflecting on Salina Thanksgiving pasts. Gobble gobble!

November 12 – Lots of news occurred in the year 1935, most of which was due to people who drink high amounts of alcohol. The list includes a person falling out of the back of a vehicle and a train demolishing another vehicle.

November 5 – Izzy and Bud reminisce about Armistice Day, Republican control of the Kansas Legislature, and problems with late night drunks stumbling into the wrong house.

October 29 – The bewitching hour approaches, and Bud and Izzy have a few interesting “tales of old” to share. Izzy talks about drama being stirred up from the high school homecoming queen, and from troublesome goats. Bud talks about VFW problems, and 56 lb. pumpkin.

October 22 – Bud discusses the high number of jaywalk citations that the Salina Police Department issued to downtown shoppers. Izzy reviews early 1935 Halloween antics, and horse wagon damage that started with an intentional train whistle.

October 15 – The chilly weather, which has yet to produce a frost, has gotten Izzy in a tizzy, and has given Bud the sniffles. But the duo still reports on a group of goodwilled hunters, unstoppable nose bleeding, and high amounts of chicken thefts.

October 8 – Izzy talks about Johnny Cash performing at the Society of Sobriety dinner and dance. Bud discusses the Kansas “bone dry law,” and prosperous apple farms.

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