Women accused in shoplifting spree


Three Kansas Wesleyan students arrested Wednesday are accused of shoplifting clothing and other items at three Salina stores.
Sarah M. Coursen, 18, Genevieve J. Zulueta, 18, and Baily R. Kraus, 19, all of 100 E. Claflin, are accused of stealing 22 packages of stickers, 25 rolls of ribbon, two picture frames and other items from Hobby Lobby, 2450 S. Ninth, between 4 and 4:15 p.m., said Salina Deputy Police Chief Carson Mansfield. Value of the stolen items was reported to be $200.
Between 4:15 and 4:30 p.m., they are accused of stealing 16 items of women’s clothing, five women’s rings and four items of makeup and perfume from Kohl’s, 2580 S. Ninth, Mansfield said. The value of the items stolen from Kohl’s is estimated at $354.
At Dillard’s, 2259 S. Ninth, the three are accused of taking four pairs of Kiss brand jeans and a Kiss purse between 4:30 and 4:50 p.m., he said. The value of the items taken from Dillard’s is estimated at $500.
Because the total value of the items alleged to be stolen is estimated at more than $1,000 and because three businesses were involved, the women face felony shoplifting charges, Mansfield said.

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arekellee says….
Entitled Shopper, are you for real? How does this situation become a “God Given Right”?…whoever God is! Do you know the cost $$$$ of KWU, my Alma Mater? It isn’t free, and you can’t steal to get it!

cc says….
thats the problem with todays world, we want everything right now, and think we are entitled to it. Who cares who suffers for it, we get what we want.
Dustin Parks says….
Dear “Entilted Shopper” Get a fricking Brain and stop fear mongering your hatred of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. You may not like what he does, or what his cabinet does, but he is still the president. Voted in by your peers and equals as set by the constitution. IF you don’t believe that, then you believe you are better than others simply because of the way they voted. Which is petty and down right wrong. And there “God Given Right” say “Thou shalt not steal.”
KWU Relevant to Case says….
They were KWU students. That’s relevant to this case because it’s one thing they all had in common, besides being female teenagers who thought they could steal without getting caught! It’s usually high school dropouts who think they can steal without getting caught.
Connie says….
The difference is the law- you cannot take items from the store without paying for them. My family pays for our clothes- and we aren’t rich. I hope “entitled shoppers” isn’t passing her ethics along to any children.
tax payer says….
It doesn’t matter who they are, what school/college they attend or where they live, it matters because they broke the law. Prices are high enough in Salina, stealing only adds to the cost of replacement which in turn costs the purchaser more. Can’t afford it, live without it.
Alaska Grown says….
Are you kidding me, Entitled Shopper? Looks like you’re just looking for an opportunity to bash on the bill, even though it has nothing to do with this story. Shut it.
Why does it matter that they were students from Kansas Wesleyan? It has nothing to do with what they did…
Entitled Shoppers says….
These gals are just exercising their “God given American right” to good clothes.Whats the difference between what the
re doing and the Obama Care Bill that Congress just passed. They’re taking what they need and letting others pay for it, Those stores will just raise the prices of their products to cover the loss of the stolen property and have “Rich” people that can afford to buy their clothes legally pick up the cost.


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