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Tommie Berger
Dove Season is Almost Here
Friday, August 20, 2010 2:04 PM
September 1 is the dove season opener in Kansas and this opener always signals the start of the fall hunting seasons.  For those of us who love to hunt, the months between spring turkey season and now have been long and uneventful.  Certainly we have had some good fishing and trips to the lake to make the summer fly by.  But there is something about the crack of gunfire or the twang of a bowstring that makes the upcoming fall and winter seasons worthwhile.
Mourning doves, known as turtle doves to many, are plentiful in Kansas – just take a drive into the country right now!!  Many of the birds nest here and the early season birds are generally residents.  As the weather cools down in September, lots of the doves that move through the state are northern birds from areas as far north as Canada.  Doves don’t like cold weather very much and most seem to hate cool damp days.  So it does not take very many cool fronts and wet days in late August and early September to get the doves moving!  If fall comes early, good dove shooting here can be short-lived – you can’t shoot doves here when most of them are already in Texas!
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