Golf carts are finally legal in Lyons


LYONS, Kan. (AP) — A new city ordinance in Lyons will allow golf cart drivers on the town’s streets.

Lyons Police Chief Chris Detmer says he’s happy the ordinance was passed, because it will allow police to pursue serious traffic violators, rather than chasing golf cart drivers.

Several drivers already drove their golf carts to golf courses and risked a $1,000 fine. Or they had to hook a golf trailer to their cars, load the cart and drive the few blocks to the golf course.

Detmer inspected and posted permit stickers on 12 carts Saturday. A second inspection date will be held Sept. 10.

The new ordinance takes effect April 1.


Information from: The Hutchinson News,

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Former resident. says….
The country clubbers get more rights hip hip harangue. I hope this wont interfere with the entrapment of the high school kids and crack heads. Please will the last person to leave Lyons please turn out the lights.

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