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Animal attraction

Salina’s string of 100-degree days was broken Thursday, but it still was plenty hot enough that some of the animals at the Tri Rivers Fair needed extra attention.
“This one is getting sucked in (becoming thinner) because he has not been drinking enough,” Myriah Jensen, 16, of Gypsum, said about a lamb she was giving a yellow liquid to before a showing.
“My lambs don’t like the water from here so I mix the water with a powder-like substance like Gatorade to keep them hydrated,” Jensen said. “It is Gatorade for lambs.”
Jensen, a member of the Gypsum Valley 4-H club, brought five lambs to the fair, all of which were born in January or February.
“The Tri Rivers Fair is a small fair, but 4-H kids learn so much from just coming to the fair, even if they are not showing anything,” Jensen said.
Thursday was the second day of the four-day fair in Kenwood Park. Today’s highlights include 4-H performing arts, the carnival and the demolition derby at 8 p.m. There’s also a wide range of 4-H events, beginning at 7:30 a.m.
For more on Thursday’s day at the fair, read reporter Chris Hunter’s story in Friday’s Salina Journal.

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