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Man arrested for attempted rape-kidnapping

Salina Journal

Man arrested for attempted rape-kidnapping

Officers arrested Cutberto Santoy-Medina, 33, Sunday night in connection with an attempted rape and kidnapping of a 9-year-old girl earlier that day.

Capt. Mike Sweeney, of the Salina Police Department, said the girl, who is an acquaintance, was asked to go inside Santoy-Medina’s residence, 601 N. 13th, shortly before 3 p.m.

After the girl entered the bedroom, Santoy-Medina allegedly pulled down her pants, and then the girl heard him unzip his pants, Sweeney said.

“She pulled up her pants and went to the bedroom door. It was locked. She unlocked the door and ran home, where she told her mother,” Sweeney said, reading from the report. The mother contacted police.

Santoy-Medina was arrested shortly after 8 p.m. Sunday at his home.

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