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Salina man sentenced for aggravated battery

A 20-year-old Salina man with a history of mental illness who admitted to stabbing his pregnant girlfriend with a steak knife was sentenced Monday to five years in prison.

“I would like to say first that I am overwhelmingly sorry for the pain I caused,” Adam Auernheimer said before being sentenced in Saline County District Court. “I wish I could take this all back.”

Automated system allows ticketing rain or shine

Teresa Wardyn’s job for the Salina Police Department formerly involved a fairly efficient, if rudimentary, method of identifying which drivers had exceeded the marked parking time limits in downtown Salina — a chalk mark on the back tire.

When it rained, though, chalking tires was a waste of time because the rain washed off the marks. Wardyn and her fellow meter maid, Kim Vincent — who are referred to by the department as community service technicians — used to work in the police department office on rainy days, helping the records department.

KU Med-Wichita working to train family physicians


Specialists are few and far between, and some patients travel more than 50 miles across northwest Kansas to her practice. Though some specialists come in from Hays and Denver on a monthly basis, it can be difficult, especially in emergencies, to get patients the care they need.

It’s a problem being tackled by KU Medical Center — the primary provider of trained physicians for the state.

Golf carts are finally legal in Lyons


Lyons Police Chief Chris Detmer says he’s happy the ordinance was passed, because it will allow police to pursue serious traffic violators, rather than chasing golf cart drivers.

Several drivers already drove their golf carts to golf courses and risked a $1,000 fine. Or they had to hook a golf trailer to their cars, load the cart and drive the few blocks to the golf course.

Pickup stolen from dealership


Putting art on the Cove

By Gary Demuth Salina Journal

Between snowstorms and rain showers, a team of Canadian mural specialists have been trying to install panels consisting of more than 300,000 individual glass pieces onto a concrete wall in Kenwood Cove, Salina’s new water park.

Don’t tell Joyce Englund there’s nothing to do

By GORDON D. FIEDLER JR. Salina Journal

LINDSBORG — If anyone has carte blanche to sit in idlness, it would be Joyce Englund.

Passport good for pool party at Cove

By GARY DEMUTH Salina Journal

What can local cultural organizations do to attract more visitors?

McPherson to be site of WordFest writing conference


Her topic will be “Finding Our Way Home Through the Power of Poetry: A Reading.”

A reception and open microphone event will be 6-9 p.m. April 16 at the McPherson Museum. Sessions and an open mike opportunity are planned 8 a.m.-4 p.m. April 17 at the McPherson Opera House. A reception, breakfast and lunch are included in the $75 early bird full-conference rate, available until April 10.

Boy prevents possible gun tragedy

By GARY DEMUTH Salina Journal

The quick thinking of an 8-year-old Salina boy may have prevented a potential tragedy Sunday when he saw his younger brother pick up a loaded handgun in the grass near their apartment complex in west Salina.

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