2 treated after single vehicle crash


A Salina man and his Saline County girlfriend were treated at Salina Regional Health Center Monday after the car they were riding in, which was traveling at an estimated 100 miles an hour, went airborne and rolled.
Michael Wireman, 19, 357 Jewell, and Ashley Audiffred, 17, 7240 W. Colt, were injured when Wireman lost control of the 1996 Honda Civic he was driving and it entered a ditch in the 6900 block of West State Street, near Hohneck Road, at 10:26 p.m., Sheriff Glen Kochanowski said.
The car destroyed a fence belonging to Larry R. Zerbe of New Cambria.
Kochanowski said the crash was triggered by an argument between Wireman and Audiffred. Wireman slammed on the brakes and lost control of the vehicle when Audiffred tried to climb into the backseat, Kochanowski said.
Citations were issued for multiple traffic violations, including not wearing seat belts.

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Dad must be proud of Michael!


Oh, sorry editor…I just looked up above this box and saw the comment about the best way my comment can be posted. Oooops! I didn’t use any profanity, I was civil and everyone that knows Michael knows the truth.
100 miles per hour? It sounds like they’re both lucky to be alive

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